Published On: Fri, Sep 27th, 2013

Anant Nag Returns to the Small Screen with ETV Kannada’s Chitte Hejje

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~ Directed By Vinu Balanja, This Is A Saga of Love That Knows No Divide~

Starting September 23rd, 2013, every Monday to Friday at 9.00pm

Bangalore, 2013: They say that it is impossible to trace the path of a butterfly… as is the destiny that the universe deals a man in his lifetime. Embark on a journey with ETV Kannada as it announces the launch of its show Chitte Hejje, a saga of love that seems to know no divide. The show revolves around the character Nethravathi who is the daughter of the powerful politician Dhananjay Hosabeedu. Her life changes when she falls in love with a slum dweller Ramu and they decide to get married. Chitte Hejee follows Nethravathi and Ramu’s struggle, their compromises, their fight to be united and the adjustments they make to keep their love alive. Returning to the television screen after a hiatus, Anant Nag – the Superstar of Kannada Cinema will be portraying a pivotal role in the show as Nethravathi’s uncle Jagadeesh Hosabeedu . The show is directed by veteran director Vinu Balanja, who will tell this story in his unique way, premiering on September 23rd, every Monday to Friday at 9.00pm.

Talking about the show, Parameshwar Gundhkal, Programming Head, ETV Kannada said, “At ETV Kannada, we are always trying to evolve with differentiated content that is in tune with the changing times that however still reflects the rich Kannada culture. Chitte Hejje is a story that we believe viewers will be able to empathize with and we have a stellar star cast with Anant Nag bringing his experience to the show while introducing fresh faces as the leads as well. The show is launching in the 9pm primetime slot, replacing Shubhamangala.”

Further elaborating, Director Vinu Balanja said, “Chitte Hejje is a family entertainer that even the youth will appreciate. The show has been shot in the exotic location of Gundya and we believe that we have managed to capture the essence of a given place, of each relationship that exists in the show and got the best work out of every individual that is a part of the show.”

About The Show

Nethravathi falls in love with Ramu who lives in the nearby slum and breaks off her engagement with a boy from another influential to be with him. The Hosabeedu family is furious over this and both families are constantly at loggerheads with each other after this incident. The story takes off when Nethravathi and Raamu start living together. Love kept them sane through it all but will their differences bring them closer or create a rift? The altercations between the families, the struggles as Nethravathi and Ramu slowly begin to step into each other’s worlds become intriguing with each episode. Apart from the domestic angle, the story also carries a strong social message. Every character in this serial is lively, with their own dreams, aspirations and needs. The journey filled with dreams, difficulties and happiness combined is what makes the show – CHITTE HEJJE

Premiering on September 23, don’t miss watching Chitte Hejje, every Monday to Friday at 9.00pm only on ETV Kannada…

Photos By. P.K.Ananth kumar.

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