Published On: Fri, Feb 21st, 2014

Dr .Lalitha– Founder of ART OF HEALING- commomerates her 20 years in drugless therapy

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Dr. Lalitha from Chennai, founder of ‘Art  of Healing’ and founder of” REIKI SOCIETY OF INDIA” commemorated her 20 years of dedicated service in REIKI, ACUPRESSURE,CRYSTALLOGRAPHY,MAGNETO THERAPY etc. at the Montfort Spirituality Center, Old Madras Road, Indiranagar on 16th February 2014.
The day started off with a talk on her experiences in healing chronic cases by means of a combination of Reiki and Acupressure which she claims gives excellent results. She explained with the help of a power point presentation the various chakras to be activated in Reiki and the points on the palm which have to be manipulated in acupressure to achieve miraculous curing results in chronic long term patients.
This was followed by the experiences of the audience wherein they had achieved curative results in their own lives by the application of Reiki.

A cake was cut by members of the Reiki Society of India to celeberate the 20th anniversary of Dr Lalitha’s crusade in this field.
After a lunch break a “Healing Camp ” was conducted wherein the audience who came out with certain health issues were treated and shown the pressure points to be pressed for their individual health issues. The day ended with snacks and tea and there was joy all around.
Dr. Lalitha visits Bengaluru at frequent intervals to conduct her sessions on Reiki and Acupressure. To learn and avail of the benefits of this harmless drugless curing power you may contact Mrs. Seethalakshmi Sivaram who co-ordinates Dr.Lalithas Bangalore program on 9663792572 or
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