Published On: Sat, Apr 4th, 2015

St Martha’s Hospital – Support Poor and Sick Patients : Love in Action

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Volunteers Create Easter Decorations as Fund Raising Efforts

Bangalore, April 4 , 2015: Easter, the Resurrection of the Lord is celebrated across the Christian world. It is a day families, pray and eat together. It is believed to be a promise from the Divine that there is hope for all. This Easter, the members of Love in Action (LIA), a volunteering group functioning under the aegis of St Martha’s Hospital and the leadership of Jason Furtado, will bring hope and joy to sick, under-privileged patients in the hospital.

All through the year, LIA volunteers work on a number of art projects that are available for sale at the LIA store in the Physiotherapy unit of the hospital. These range from wall hangings, to paintings, to delicate curios and embroidered pieces of clothing. At this time of the year, the theme is naturally Easter-based decorations. Each of these pieces is painstakingly created out of real egg shells which have been drained of their yolks. Mounted on card paper stands, these are hand-painted to created amazing pieces of art. Each of these pieces is priced at Rs. 100 onwards.

The money collected from the sales of these products goes into a poor patients fund and is utilized to provide free medical care to those in need.

Spearheading this initiative is Jason Furtado who says, “We don’t believe in letting anything go to waste. Across the hospital and even from our volunteers on the outside, we get a lot of material with which to work with. If these art works can help a poor family get quality medical treatment, then I truly believe that the effort is completely worth it.”

The Director of St Martha’s Hospital, Jayakar Jerome says, “St Martha’s is an institution that began 128 years ago to help get quality medical help at affordable costs. These are small initiatives which we believe go a long way in creating a community that gives.”

About Love in Action

Also known as LIA, this volunteering group began in 2008 and takes in members from the staff of St Martha’s hospital, its patients as well as lay people who may be willing to share their time. It provides a means to society to help dedicate time to serve the poor and the needy. Opportunities for volunteering are available in Hospice Care, where one may assist with hospital desk jobs and patient related services; green projects related to upcycling and recycling as well as health empowerment projects that educate and empower patients. The project is headed by Jason Furtado who is based out of St Martha’s Physiotherapy and Stroke Rehabilitation Centre. You may contact him on +91 9844083977 to become a volunteer.

About St Martha’s Hospital

St Martha’s Hospital on Nrupathunga Road was founded in 1886 by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd Order. What began with only 50 beds has today grown into a multi-specialty hospital with over 550 beds. Offering health care across all major specialities such as Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Urology, Cardiology, Neurosurgery and more, St Martha’s Hospital has never lost sight of the fact that the under-privileged too need medical care. The hospital offers free medical care to deserving patients when needed. It also fosters a volunteering program called Love in Action.

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