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SHILHAANDARA : A unique sculpted concept amidst the rocks of Silk City

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Ramanagara– 55 kms from Bengaluru on the Mysuru Road is known as the Silk City and is also the destination of adventure sports, such as rock climbing and trekking. The rocky hills surrounding this district headquarter has been the location for several Indian and Hollywood movies, including Sholay and A Passage to India. Now, there is an added attraction to this rocky terrain – Shilhaandara – a first-of-its-kind and well-designed resort that interacts with the local geography. If you are looking for a one-day getaway then this is the place!

What is Shilhaandara?

As the name suggests, Shilhaandara is an eco-friendly resort, which incorporates natural architecture with intricately sculpted rocks forming the basis for the resort. It is a perfect location for outdoor activities, team-building activities, entertainment, outdoor and adventure sports and even for families.

Shilhaandara is the brainchild of renowned architects Dr. S N Ramesh and C H Ramesh, who built India’s first cave resort – Guhaantara on the Kanakapura Road.

“We always wanted to come up with something unique in Ramanagara, whose rocky surroundings are highly inspiring. Shilhaandara is inspired by the rocky hill terrain and we have tried to assimilate the resort into the natural settings. It is unique in several ways and we want to give an experiential feeling to our visitors,” said Dr.S N Ramesh, Managing Director, Rashi EcoTourism Ltd.He drew inspiration from the cave temples of historical and tourist places like Aihole and Badami.

“We wanted something similar in Ramanagara. Our carvings and sculpture in Shilhaandara complement the rocky terrain and nowhere can you see anything that harms the natural settings. We are proud to proclaim that our resort is unique in many ways and you will not find any such resort closer to the city,” said architect C H Ramesh.

Activities at Shilhaandara:

Sky Zipping

We have the South India’s longest sky zipping (750 metres) that stretches from our resort to the nearest hill giving an exhilarating experience to people who thrill themselves in adventure sports.


Today, youths prefer to go on Quad-bike rides in rough and tough environment. We have Quad-bikes, which you can use in the resort to explore the rocky terrain.

Rock Climbing is another highlight at our resort, and all our adventure sports are monitored by expert, trained and certified professionals. We accord the highest priority to safety and follow international standards and safety protocols in all our adventure sports.

The other attractions at our resort include Bungee trampoline, Paint Ball, Geared mountain bikes, and Zorbing – we will put you inside a giant ball and you can experience the world around you in 360’ while rolling on the ground!

We also have indoor sports activities, such as, Billiards, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Dart and many more. We have a natural pool for people willing to take a dive or swim in the waters.

Tent Accommodation: If you want to spend the night under the stars and moon and gaze at the open sky, we will provide you tent accommodation. Staying outdoors at night is an experience in itself at Shilhaandara.

Focus on History

Shilhaandara is not just about entertainment and sports, we also give you a glimpse into the history of the region, some of which will spellbound you. For instance, Ramanagara acquired its name because of Lord Rama, who stayed in the rocky surroundings on his way to Lanka. Legend has it that he annihilated a giant Kakasura, who troubled the local villagers. You can also find a footprint supposedly that of Lord Rama. There are several archaeological wonders, including burials and caves dating back to the Stone Age period. The rocks here are as old as the Himalayas. Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara Empire and the Mysore Wadiyars have all ruled Ramanagara, which has the RamadevaraBetta (Lord Rama’s Hill) atop which the abode of Lord Rama is located. Trekking to the hill provides a unique experience. In addition, the nearby Savandurga Hill offers a thrilling hiking expedition for enthusiasts. If you are a photographer, then this is the best place to spot birds in the morning.

“In the coming days, we will add additional rooms in the resort. We also plan to have a laser show using the natural rocks as the background to narrate our rich history, culture and tradition. We will be having big waterfalls, one of its kinds and unparalleled in the country,” added S N Ramesh.

Culture & Literary Centre

Shilhaandara also reflects the rich culture, literature, history and poetry of Karnataka. The owners of the resorts being litterateurs, it is just natural that they decided to name every location within the resort after popular Kannada writers and poets.

The indoor sports auditorium is named as ‘Raghavanka’ while the rain dance floor is named as ‘Nataraja’. The children’s play area is named as ‘Ranna’ while a 1000-seater dining hall, carved out of stone, is named as ‘Harihara’. The unique experience at Shilaandara is home-cooked food and delicacies. A 500-seater conference hall is named as ‘Ponna’ while a natural platform/dais to perform local arts and dances, such as DolluKunita and others is known as ‘Pampa Mantapa’. A Green Room is also available next to this floor, which can be used to present plays and dramas. The lounge bar is named as ‘Madhushaala’ while the natural spa is named as ‘Agastya Kuteera’. For the senior citizens, a separate hall, with TV and other entertainment services, is provided.

A natural mango orchard exists in the resort and it has been left untouched. To power the entire resort, solar energy has been harnessed to the fullest. Through rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge is being carried out. As the name of the company goes, Shilhaandara is a 100% eco-friendly resort.

Route: After reaching Ramanagara from Bengaluru, take the Magadi Road and travel for a distance of 7 kms to reach Padarahalli. Look for sign boards and travel for another 1.5 kms to reach Shilhaandara. We have erected boards along the route to ensure that you reach Shilhaandara without any hassle of trying to locate the address.

Tariff and Packages: A day-trip packages ranges from RS 650 to Rs 2,500 depending on the activities that to you pick. Membership is open for the resort. Corporate group bookings are available at special rates. We will organize transport to Shilhaandara at an additional cost. Locker facilities are available at the resort.

For details, contact us on 8494949185/86, 9740998984/6,

You need to book the activities one day prior.

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