Published On: Wed, Dec 7th, 2016

Whiz Juniors Unveil Gamified Tech Learning Platform for School Students

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Helps students from 2nd to 12th std. move at the speed of technology


Bengaluru, December 07, 2016: Whiz Juniors today unveiled India’s first and only Gamified learning platform. The cloud-based solution allows students to learn & assess their current skill level, follow directed learning paths, and learn through expert-authored courses. The new platform disrupts traditional classroom training and provides a fully-digital learning experience in a gamified format, empowering students to expand proficiencies, increase productivity and gain a competitive edge.

As children learn & practice they keep earning virtual gold coins crossing millstones. The platform also hosts an Annual Tech Competition for children to showcase their tech skills.

“Half of what technology students know today will be obsolete in 2-3 years, and in order to sustain a competitive advantage, students need to keep upgrading their technological skills. Whiz juniors’ gamified learning platform gives an opportunity to enhance the entrepreneurial and learning skills of young minds with fun, since today it has become very important to empower children with the latest technology” said Vidushi Daga, Founder & Director of Clone Futura.

“Through our new platform, not just students but the teachers too can now keep up with the rapid change and master technologies faster than ever before. Teachers can now upgrade their skills and stay updated with current technological advancements for FREE. Whiz juniors exist to champion and promote excellence in Technology in all its forms. It seeks to celebrate power of knowledge of innovation, curiosity and creation amongst the present generations” She further added.

Also present at the launch Smt. Dr. Mrs. B Gayethri Devi, ASISC, Regional Secretary – Karnataka & Principal, Little Flower Public School Bangalore said “Whiz junior’s gamified learning platform is just the tool we needed to help nourish the young minds and empower our teachers with necessary tech skills. With an aim to digitalise India the platform provides new learning opportunities and an environment where students thrive with superior content and easy user interface.”

The users of Whiz Junior gamified learning platform can now benefit from the following

Expert-Authored Courses: Appropriate courses developed by experts understanding the requirements which are upgraded regularly. Members increase their Presentation, Administrative, Web Site Development, App Development, Game Development, Cyber Security and many more skills.


Analytic & Skill Measurement: Schools and Parents can easily track students learning & progress through easy to use interface. Syllabus Learning is free with 24/7 support.

Gamified Online Learning & Projects: As kids learn & practice they keep crossing millstones & keep earning virtual gold coins. This resultant learning without them realizing how much they have absorbed is what makes us a complete game-changer. Instead of being addicted to games, children are getting hooked onto learning without making it feel tedious!

Annual Competition: Schools & Students get a chance to showcase their tech skills by participating in India’s biggest tech competition starting from 15th Dec – 31st Dec 2016 and win recognition, awards & exciting prizes. In every city verified School with maximum number of points till 31st Dec 2016 will be awarded as Top Tech Savvy School of City by Government of India

Whiz juniors prove to be a multi-purpose platform for learning and development in today’s digitally run world. 

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