Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2017


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March 6th  2017, Bengaluru : SP Jain School of High Technology presents its Advance Recruitment conclave for enrolling students. An affiliate of S P Jain School of Global Management, S P Jain School of High Technology hosted the conclave this weekend in metro cities, Mumbai and Bangalore. The Advance Recruitment Conclavepresented a unique opportunity for students to interact with potential top recruiters and be considered for a Pre-Placement Shortlist or even a Conditional Pre-Placement Offer.

Present at the conclave were some of the best known name in the sector, such as Wipro, ITC InfoTech, Infosys, SAS, Unity Technologies, E&Y, IDC to name a few. Also present at the occasion along with the industry leaders were, Program Directors for Cybersecurity, Mr. Satish Warrier, for Machine Learning, Dr. Debashis Guha and Virtual Reality,Dr. Suneel Sharma.

SP Jain School of High Technology has recently launched a 6-month immersive Post Graduate Professional Specialist Programs delivered by top academics in association with leading industry partners. The 6 month certification courses feature programs in various emerging technologies which includes Machine LearningCybersecurity andVirtual Reality out of their state of the art campus in MUMBAI designed to develop Emerging Technology experts who are able to apply the latest technologies and strategies to create cutting edge solutions & solve complex business problems. Their programs offer professional training to enable students to sense how technologies create or enable new business models, reshape the economy and the way businesses operate. Subsequently, the courses also familiarize students with real world problems through an internship which is a part of the program.

MACHINE LEARNING (ML) is the construction of algorithms that one can learn from and respond to large datasets faster and make effective predictions. It instructs computers to find patterns in data without being explicitly programmed. As data grows in volume and becomes more complex, the applications of ML are becoming widespread and all pervasive. SP Jain School of High Technology has tied up with Microsoft for their Deep Learning Cognitive Toolkit which is an open-source computation-graph based learning toolkit used to train and evaluate deep neural networks used in Microsoft products, such as the Cortana speech models.


VIRTUAL REALITY skills are highly valued and in scarce supply. There is a high demand for Resources with these capabilities in diverse industries like gaming and medicine to simulations and marketing.  SP Jain’s High Technology is poised to be first center of excellent Unity Accredited Training & Certification Centre in India and our program is the only Specialist Program accredited by Unity. Unity is the world’s leading VR development platform. Over 80% of all Virtual Reality development today happens on Unity.

CYBERSECURITY brings together technologies, algorithms and programming techniques to defend systems & information against cyber-attacks. SP Jain School of High Technology has tied up with IDC, Herzliya which Israel #1 private university to offer its students the opportunity toget exposure to cutting-edge Cybersecurity. Israel which has long been considered the leader in Cybersecurity and the partnership provides students the opportunity to study cutting edge topics such as Cyberterrorism, Cryptography, Darknet, Zero Net etc. over 4 weeks’ time.

SP Jain School of High Technology’s vision is to create highly employable technology specialists who are capable of conceptualizing, designing & delivering complex projects at scale. In this endeavour, the school is keen on continuously updating & upgrading their programs to meet industry requirements as technology evolves.

SP Jain School of High Technology’s globally benchmarked programs are India’s only instructor driven classroom programs led by best-in-class faculty and supported by world class infrastructure. The program is all set to launch on 15th March 2017.

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