Published On: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2017

InPadel a Sports Start-Up Brings ‘Padel’ to India

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  •  A racquet sport being combination of Tennis & Squash is always played as a doubles sport
  • Sets up three courts in Bengaluru; plans another 10 courts across city within 24 months
  • Namma Bengaluru to host country’s first Padel tournament to be held on March 25, 2017


Bengaluru, March 22, 2017: Padel, a combination of tennis & squash and played across 5 continents by over 10 million globally, is being introduced in India by InPadel, a sports start-up venture promoted by first generation sports personalities. Namma Bengaluru will have the honour of getting the first Padel facility in India.

InPadel will offer integrated solution to promote and nurture Padel in India and its offering will include designing, construction & installation of Padel courts, management of Padel courts, offering qualified coaches to train Padel enthusiasts and organizing events & tournaments.

Importantly, with the help of the newly formed Indian Padel Federation, InPadel over the next few years, plans to achieve a critical mass in the game and also aims to facilitate formation of an Indian team to play in International Padel tournaments.


The two men responsible for bringing the game to India are Mr.  Ronnie Sehgal and Mr. Bhavish Bachu. Ronnie Sehgal is a former National level tennis player, turned sports entrepreneur and CEO of Bulldog Sportz Management P Ltd. He is responsible for bringing Padel to India and is also the co-founder of InPadel. Mr. Bhavish Bachu, a Portuguese citizen of Indian descent, with business interests in Portugal and Mozambique is the co-founder and CEO of InPadel. Mr. Andres Stamile of Canada, a former international player & junior champion and currently an international Padel Coach will nurture the sport in India as Head Coach of InPadel.

According to Ronnie Sehgal, “We are very excited to introduce Padel in India. I played Padel while on a vacation to Spain and I can vouch that anyone who plays the sport for the first time will appreciate the simplicity and addictive nature of the sport.” Further, he pointed out, Padel is an inclusive sport, physically less demanding than tennis that can be played by a group of friends, a family, women & children as well.

For Bhavish Bachu bringing Padel Game to India has been a dream come true. According to him, having witnessed the phenomenal growth in Europe and during my two recent visits to India, I was convinced the sport would be a big hit here. Further, he pointed out, there is a growing awareness about fitness in India and Padel, being a fitness sport that can be played by all, irrespective of gender, age and social background, is bound to catch the imagination of racquet sports enthusiasts.


The two sport entrepreneurs envisage a bright future for Padel in India. Their goal for InPadel is to put Padel among the top 10 most played games in India, with the help of newly formed Indian Padel Federation. To achieve this objective they envision that every multi-sports facility needs to be equipped with infrastructure to popularize Padel. They have a target to bring into Padel fold a minimum of one lakh players in the next five years, who play Padel either as a serious sport or for recreation in India.

To begin with, InPadel will roll out Padel in three locations in Bengaluru – Play Arena, Sarjapur Road, Bulldog Sports & Recreation Center, Hennur Road and Bulldog Tennis Academy, Kanakapura Road.  Within 24 months, 10 more Padel Courts will be set up across Bangalore. According to Ronnie Sehgal, many clubs in Bengaluru have evinced interest to set up Padel courts in their premise and in the next few months we should finalize them.

Namma Bengaluru will host the country’s first Padel tournament on March 25, 2017 (Saturday) with 16 teams participating in it. The tournament will be held at Play Arena, Sarjapur Road.

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