Published On: Sun, Jun 18th, 2017

PCOS Society India to Focus on Research to Develop a Preventive Model for PCOS

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BENGALURU: The 2nd International Joint Conference “PCOS – Unravelling the Enigma” organized by the PCOS Society, India and The Androgen Excess and PCOS Society (AE-PCOS),  was inaugurated by the Honourable Medical Health Minister of Karnataka, Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil in the presence of Dr. Duru Shah, Founder President, The PCOS Society, India, Dr. Helena Teede, President, The AE-PCOS Society, Dr. Enrico Carmina, CEO, The AE-PCOS Society, Dr. Madhuri Patil, Scientific Coordinator & Organizing Chairperson of the Conference, and several other dignitaries and international faculties.


The Three Day conference concluding on 18th June will deliberate on practice pathways in PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) in all walks of life of women. The Conference will include academic sessions incorporating the recent advances and evidence based data with special emphasis on challenges in the Indian Context.


Speaking on the priority and focus of the PCOS Society, India, Founder President of the Society, Dr. Duru Shah, said “PCOS is a growing concern globally and India too have seen an alarming rise in PCOS cases. The PCOS India Society founded in 2015 is focusing on an extensive research to gather enough data to understand patterns and PCOS phenotypes in Indian Women, which will then equip us to evolve a preventive model for PCOS in India.”

“PCOS being multidisciplinary needs interventions at multiple levels which presents many challenges, one of which is to enhance the Scientific Knowledge and competency of Doctors in handling PCOS through a holistic approach. To address this we have launched a Comprehensive Tutorial for Doctors who can certify themselves after completing the tutorials and thereafter by qualifying in the Online Examination. We are soon launching a website “Conquer PCOS” to provide access to correct information and guidance to women in first identifying if they have PCOS or not and consequently advise and counsel appropriate measures to effectively tackle PCOS. This will help many seek the required medical intervention at the right time.” added Dr. Duru Shah.


“PCOS has multiple effects in women, from Obesity, infertility, Acne, Facial Hair and other Hormonal Imbalances. Many suffer the effects of PCOS for a lifetime when not identified early and no proper medical intervention sought. Hence our focus is to reach out to women across the country, drive awareness and sensitise them on the causes and measures, through various campaigns involving schools, colleges, public domains and other effective channels. We are also in the process of procuring Data on PCOS from Urban, Semi Urban and Rural geographies to drive our research in understanding patterns, which will help us develop and strategize effective ways of tackling PCOS and its impact.”  remarked Dr. Madhuri Patil, Scientific Coordinator & Organizing Chairperson of the Conference.

Speaking on the Govt. Initiatives, Dr. Smita Mahale, Scientist G and Director, National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, said, “We are doing our research in Mumbai, by screening and sampling the cases of PCOS from different sects of the society through our clinic at the institute, based on which we are evolving a treatment model. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will fund such research programs in 10 other cities in India to develop and replicate similar treatment models for PCOS.”

Speaking after inauguration of the 2nd Joint Conference, Dr. Helena Teede, President, The AE-PCOS Society, said “I am glad to be at the 2nd Joint Conference on PCOS, this conference will be a platform for clinicians to exchange information and multidisciplinary treatment strategies in PCOS. With many experts from across the globe having joined us here at this platform to help us translate the knowledge and strategies to clinical practice.”

Dr. Enrico Carmina, CEO, The AE-PCOS Society, said, “World over PCOS has a become a critical healthcare mandate for women, the rapidness exhibited has forced all of us to explore ways of tackling PCOS, constituting aspects like developing algorithm based on genetics, lifestyle modifications required, PCOS and Assisted Reproduction, Surgical Options etc.”

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