Published On: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

Factory all set to Redefine Consumer Holiday Buying Experience through their Exclusive Holiday Stores

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To Open 1000 Holiday Stores Across the Country in 5 years


BENGALURU: Trip Factory, India’s fastest growing online travel company for inbound and outbound travel needs, is all set to redefine the consumer holiday buying experience through their Exclusive Holiday Stores, the first of which was launched in Bengaluru on 27th July.

The Bengaluru based custom holiday curator is planning to open 1000+ stores across the country in the next 5 years under the company’s Franchise Programme. Trip Factory’s Technology based intelligent Interfaces, driven by language processing algorithms and machine learning program at the backend allows consumers to truly customise their holidays with just simple text based queries expressing their holiday needs. The addition of Trip Factory Holiday Stores into their operational ecosystem is designed to provide consumers not just a hassle free Holiday buying experience but an experience which will also help consumers feel and visualize their Holiday in detail with all the required clarity in place.


Highlighting the USP of the Holiday Store, Mr. Amit Aggarwal, Co Founder and CEO, Trip Factory, said “Holiday is the new necessity. Every one loves and wants to go on holidays and everyone wants a holiday their own way. For the first time, our stores will be backed by technology that will enable them to create a truly customized holiday instantly, no matter where you want to travel within India or abroad. This in turn is backed by best prices from our suppliers and airline partners so that consumers know they are getting the lowest price always”.

“With the launch of the Store, Trip Factory invites applications for Store Franchisees, under Trip Factory Franchisee Programme. Those who have a great passion towards the Travel and Tourism Industry and meets the basic requirements for procuring a Trip Factory Franchise are welcome. Our franchises will deeply benefit from our brand presence, consumer loyalty, Project Management Support, Marketing Support, Lead Generation by Brand and the Trip Factory’s Proprietary Technology driving the operations. ROI for franchisee owners will be upwards of 72% and more” added Amit Aggarwal.

Speaking after the Launch of their first Holiday Store, Mr. Vinay Gupta, Founder and Chairman, Trip Factory, said “Consumers can first time in the world walk-in, explore, and design a complete holiday in less than a few minutes, and see it unfold before their eyes, a complete holiday experience that they would get in the destination. This is the first time in the world something so simple yet magical is being rolled out in the holiday industry. This means, I as a consumer, can see my holiday before I pay which is huge, what you see is what you get. It’s no longer, long lists of printed itineraries and text, its real in front of your eyes”.


Talking about the opportunity explosion in Travel and Tourism Segment, Mr. TV Mohandas Pai, Co-Founder of Aarin Capital, the Investor Company to Trip Factory, said “The contribution by travel and tourism sector to India’s GDP is expected to increase to US$ 275.2 billion in 2025. So strategically this will help decentralize and diversify our revenue channels and open up more possibilities for growth and provide a wider brand outreach to the Consumers. As a result we are better equipped to leverage and be a significant part of this growth opportunity”. 

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