Published On: Mon, Oct 16th, 2017

Fashionably Festive with VERO MODA!

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~VERO MODA puts together the IT trends of the upcoming festive season~

As the winds change, temperatures drop and lights go up, there grows a majestic spur in the air.It’s that time of the year when the country unifies to revelin festivities and have a glitzy, glamorous time. VERO MODA, one of Europe’s largest clothing brands gears up to celebrate diversity in style, silhouettes and designs ensuring that this festive season you look effortlessly chic all day!

The European Fashion brand enters the festive season with Velvet–a fabric that is eye-grabbing, rich and luxe giving you anextravagant yet sophisticated vibe. Velvet offers a sleek silhouette and fuss-free design while having the advantage of being comfy and plush. Be it a sleekemerald blue jumpsuit for a late evening cocktail party or an Oxblood pant suit to mix things up at your work space; VERO MODA has got you covered!


Putting skillful tailoring to work the brand introduces an array of stylish coats and jackets that will glam up your outfit while adding a stylish layer of elegance to it. The collection comprises a wide range of admiral and faux leather jackets, military coats and tweed blazers. Pair an admiral jacket that is intricately decorated with brass buttons and embroidered detailing with a tank top and pencil skirt and celebrate the power woman in you!

Laceis a fabric that has a feminine flair, and istimeless.Amidst the incoming encore of festivities, VERO MODA embraces the sheerness of the fabric while giving it asubtle sensuous twist.Sport a strapless, knee length body con dress or a chic orchid smoke spaghetti top with slim fit denims and a pair of stilettoes and be the talk of the party!

For these looks and more head to a VERO MODA store near you!

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