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BRAIN ATTACK – Management First of its kind program for the Bangalore City by BRAINS

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Bangalore, 27th Oct 2017: Globally more people are falling to strokes than ever before and the numbers are only rising making them the leading cause of disability and an important contributor to health care burden and costs. Two hundred / lakh population suffer from strokes resulting in death or, worse, crippling disability. Every year, the number of new cases are swelling by 790,000in the US alone and one out of every 20 deaths is due to Stroke .In India, owing to lack of reliable data, it is difficult even to estimate the scale of its prevalence. The study published by S K Das from Kolkata has shown the incidence of 123 per 1,00,000 per year.  However, it is known that a considerable number of stroke victims in India continue to opt for untested alternative therapies over modern medicine despite the path-breaking progress made by neuroscience highlighting the gap between scientific care and its accessibility to the masses: only some of the advances in neuroscience, in effect, pass through to the masses.

The implications are far-reaching as a majority of people are deprived of the benefits of the latest trends and innovations even as alternative therapies continue to thrive, feeding on ignorance. The so called “golden hour” interventions are at the mercy of logistic logjams and are, therefore, inconsistent and ineffective.

Although the risk factors associated with a brain stroke and a heart attack are very similar, the responses are entirely different. Even more than in the case of the heart, timely intervention in a brain incident can yield higher long-term benefits when it comes to quality of life and costs. Hence responses to brain strokes must at least match cardiac standards. This is clearly the need of the hour. Awareness regarding early cerebral angiography and timely interventions needs to grow manifold across general populations and medical fraternities.

Brain attack as a concept needs to be uniformly adopted and relentlessly promoted.  We can ride on such a wave of rising awareness and reap rich social benefits. Creation of awareness among medical and paramedical professionals, resolution of logistic hurdles, constant upgradation of skills, effective implementation and cost effective solutions are the priorities.


The expression Brain Attack must connote to all forms of stroke: ischemic, hemorrhagic (brain hemorrhage), subarachnoid haemorrhage and cerebral venous thrombosis to ensure a comprehensive approach, optimize resources and avoid duplication of efforts. Measures like creation of awareness and designated centres, early diagnosis, rapid reach and timely intervention will vastly improve clinical outcomes. Both brain and heart attacks are primarily diseases of the vessels and, therefore, are characterized by similar risk factors and require similar prevention and treatment options. Medical and public response systems should, therefore, be complimentary rather than contradictory.

Brains at Sparsh Hospital, Infantry road has started unique “Level 3 Stroke centre” for Bangalore city.  This centre provides 3600 care for “Brain Attack” starting from Awareness, quick access to care, early diagnosis, timely intervention , critical care , chronic care, Risk evaluation and mitigation and Neuro rehabilitation.  For the first time in India a   machine with German technology is installed to provide a range of treatment strategies for management of stroke and brain hemorrhage.

This includes:



1. Thrombolysis – Dissolving the blood clots in stroke 

2. Thrombectomy – Removal of the blood clot 

3. Clot retrieval – Breaking of blood clots and extraction

4. Endo vascular stenting – enlarging the vessel capacity

5. Cerebral angioplasty – dilating the narrowed blood vessels 

6. Coiling of aneurysms – sealing the bleeding without surgery 

7. Flow diverters for giant aneurysms – Treatment of large vascular balloons 

8. Embolization of AV Malformations of Brian and Spine – to reduce the size of the lesion 

9. Embolization   of Vascular Brain tumors – To reduce the bleeding during surgery 

10. Endo vascular treatment of vasospasm – To enhance the blood flow to the brain 

11. Recanalization of Cerebral venous system – reestablishing the blood drainage of the system of brain




A 24/7 helpline 9148080000 has been created to provide timely help.  25 Quick Access Centres were established across the city under the banner of Golden hour initiative.  People in emergency care access within 15 minutes so that assessment, diagnosis, life saving   measures and timely treatment can be initiated. Later on they will be assisted to the main centre for higher care.

Brain Strokes and hemorrhage afflicted families can enroll into  “Brain Attack Support Group” program on line to  learn more about  recent developments and  training of care givers .


In addition all those require a rigorous neuro  rehabilitation to improve their functional abilities .  Brains  has established  a state of the art  Neuro rehabilitation program  – “Vitality by design”   providing complete range of services as outpatient as well as inpatient therapies. This program includes  physiotherapy , aquatherapy , Rehabilitation , Neuro modulation , Nutrition advise, Speech therapy , Life style modification and  counseling.

This comprehensive “Brain Attack” Programme isbeing launched and dedicated to the people of Bangalore.  On the occasion of World Stroke day on 29th October  and will continue to provide   these services by the dedicated stroke team consisting of   Dr Harsha, Dr Arvind, Dr Poornima the eminent  Stroke Specialists backed by team of Neurosurgeons and Neuro critical care specialists at Brains  Neuro Spine Centre ,Sparsh Hospital  , Infantry Road, Round the Clock.

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For 24/7 help: 9148080000

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