Published On: Tue, Jan 23rd, 2018

Stand United and Unshaken Against Corruption: Sri SriSriRavishankar

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Bengaluru: Spiritual leader, Sri SriSriRavishankar was at the 28th All India Builders’ Convention in Bengaluru. Yes you read it right and he united the builders’ community. Addressing a gathering of builders, contractors and real estate developers at the convention, organized by the Builders Association of India (BAI), Sri Sri Ravishankar urged the community to stand united and unshaken against corruption.

Responding to questions from the builders’ community on how to handle corruption, Ravishankar Said, “Builders Association of India must incept an anti-corruption cell. The cell should take up every case of corruption faced by the members and bring it to the notice of the respective authorities notifying corruption in their offices and officially inform the Lok Ayukta”

Taking example of how Hongkong confronted and resolved the issue of corruption that was rampant, Ravishankar remarked,“The entire association (BAI) must stand united and strong behind those who have been the victim of corruption and take up matters peacefully, but relentlessly. If every organization would think about this and implement such measures, corruption cannot survive”.  It is one for all and all for one which can empower us.

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