Published On: Tue, Jan 23rd, 2018

Is 3D Casting Future of Building India?

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Bengaluru: The third and final day of the convention of Builders’ Association of India saw various agenda setting sessions and made the delegates to sit up on a lazy Sunday.

One of the interesting technical lecture was on the future of house building industry. S J Vijay’s session on ‘3D Volumetric Concrete Casting’ unveiled the third encounter kind of experience for majority of participants.

He gave a demonstration of constructing a liveable house from a pre-cast method with 3D modelling technique. With this 3D casting method Vijay’s company has been able to complete a housing complex for Tata group within 33 days.

The 3D casting saves on water, curing time and comes with fittings like electricity cables. A builder can have multiple units, horizontally and vertically. The facility of 3D casting is both onsite and offsite. An average cost of a 3D casting structure comes to about INR 1800 per sq. ft.

In another session on ‘Building a New India’, V Suresh, former chairman of HUDCO, told the builders about the opportunities and challenges they need to ready themselves.

According to Suresh, the construction industry is looking at INR 8.5 lakh crores of spend in the near future. He said the projected investment in house building activities is going to be around $ 2 trillion and in infrastructure sector is nearly $ 1.5 trillion. This mind-boggling investment requires 10 lakh engineers and 50000 architects. The builders have an agenda and opportunity. How the industry responds depends on their discovery of change and technology.

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