Published On: Sat, Feb 10th, 2018

Aylin Yaren, Kitti Szazs and Agnieszka Mnich, world’s best football artists were in town on a special invitation from Apollo Tyres to popularise the sport and engage with enthusiastic fans

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Bengaluru, February 9, 2018: Kitti Szasz of Hungary, a four time world-freestyle champion, Aylin Yaren of Germany, a former professional footballer in the Bundesliga and Agnieszka Mnich, also a four time champion from Poland, can do pretty much anything with a football. After all, they are known as the best football artists in the world.

Currently visiting India on the invitation of Apollo Tyres, Kitti, Aylin and Agnieszka are in Bengaluru enchanting the audiences with their techniques; expressing themselves by executing jaw-dropping tricks with ‘freestyle’ football. Globally, a very popular phenomenon, Freestyle Football is about performing tricks with the football using any part of the body, where coordination, balance and control of the ball are the vital elements.


Talking to mediapersons, Aylin Yaren said, “The experience has been very nice. India is transforming from a football loving nation to a football playing nation. People here are appreciating our shows. We are thankful to Apollo Tyres for giving us the opportunity to visit India and showcase our talent to a vast audience in various cities.”

Kitti Szasz of Hungary said, “With this initiative by Apollo Tyres, we are trying to popularise freestyle football in India. It is a very popular game globally. Freestyle football is an art of self-expression, performing various tricks with any part of the body and without touching it with hands or arms. We hope this genre of football will gain traction in India too, with so many young, talented footballers India has produced recently.

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