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Bangalore: I am Prof. Dr. S. RAMESH BABU,  retired Metallurgical Scientist (Ph.D. from IISc., Bangalore in 1985), and Founder Director of  “Top of the World” Centre for Excellence, Bangalore, India. Purely as a hobby and intensive passion, I have been pursuing setting records. So far, I have set 58 world records and 9 National Records in various events, recognized by various Books of Records.

          I am happy to announce that  on 12 Feb, 2018 – my 61st birthday ( Born on 12 Feb, 1957), I have officially set my 59th World Record by successfully undertaking the adventurous feat of   “LONGEST DISTANCE SOLO MARATHON HIGHWAY CAR DRIVING IN A SINGLE DAY BY A SENIOR CITIZEN”.


            Starting from Aurangabad, Maharashtra on Monday, 12 Feb, 2018 at 4.43 A.M., I drove non-stop and reached my Tatanagar  residence , Bangalore on Tuesday, 13 Feb, 2018 at 4.17 A.M.,  thus driving a total distance of  1106  KMs in exactly 23 Hrs. 34 Min, with an effective average driving  speed of 55.2 KMPH. I drove from Aurangabad to Pune  Via Ahmednagar and proceeded on the western leg of GOLDEN QUADRILATERAL National Highway-4 from Pune to Bangalore via, Satara, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Hubballi, Chitradurga, Sira,  and  Tumkur.

          I used my 7 year old  “TATA INDIGO MANZA” car for setting the record, purchased in 2010 at Aurangabad when I was the Director at MIT, Aurangabad.

A Google search was carried out to ensure that the present record feat has not been claimed in the various Books of Records, published in India or abroad. Hence the present claim is being sent as an INAUGURAL WORLD RECORD.

          Detailed log-book          entries of the digital timer of the car and the corresponding Odometer readings were meticulously noted throughout the journey all along the en route places, with descriptions of even non-driving times and reasons for the same such as fuel refilling, Toll payments, Photographing, SMS texting, Receiving phone calls, Eating, Drinking, Nature calls, refreshing by washing the face and eyes, etc.

           Following a rigorous scientific approach, I have liberally used the available high tech tools and modern gadgets for very accurate and reliable log-book data entries and subsequent calculation of useful derived results. The exact inter-city distances along the cycling routes were delineated using the specific Google search  approach.  89 Digital photographs using both front (for Selfies) and rear (for capturing the record car) modes of my high end LAVA IRIS mobile were taken at strategic places showing in the background the mileage sign boards or welcome arches or buildings or car dashboard in each of the en route places to serve as adequate proof of travel.

Upon transferring the digital photos to the computer, by exploring the PROPERTIES and DETAILS of each photograph, the exact timings of capturing these images were noted for each individual photo.  Base on these reliable data, detailed log-books were generated showing  not only the distance and time of reaching a particular place en route but also other useful information such as average car driving speed achieved as the record driving progressed.

 Additionally,  21 SMS messages were sent to the mobile (9449013788) of USHA GOVING TUMKURKAR, Technical Consultant, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore , upon reaching all important locations together with the Odometer readings. Snap shots of these messages in chronological order specifically showing the exact digital time of receipt of these messages taken on the high end VIVO mobile were systematically compiled and WHATSAPP messaged to me as attachments. Using these images,   and the corresponding images of SMS sent from my mobile (9449013887), the manual log-book entries were corroborated, as an additional proof of  authentic verification .

I had started off very well driving  at good speed till reaching Pune outskirts. However, from Nagar Road  I was forced to enter the Pune city to reach the Pune –Bangalore Highway. The terrible heavy traffic jam of the Pune city with bumper to bumper traffic moving with snail’s pace cost me 2 Hrs to travel a mere 10 Km to get on to the Highway at Katraj. In the rest of the journey, including the night travel, I maintained a consistently  good speed.

Even though the total journey time was 23 Hrs.34 Min, it consisted of an accumulated 3 Hrs. 31 Min of non-driving time that was essential for re-fuelling at 3 places, passing through 14 Toll booths, eating break-fast, lunch, evening snacks,  stretching for muscle relaxing, intake of juice or water, attending nature calls, taking 89 photographs, 21 SMS texting, etc. Thus, the 1106 KMs was covered in an effective driving time of 20 Hrs. 03 Min. only, which translates to an effective overall average driving speed of 55.2 KMPH, which is pretty good especially considering the age factor !

I learnt car driving at the age of 55 and in the last 7 years, I have driven 72,650 KMs, out of which nearly 65,000 KMs is all Highway Driving. It may be noted that in just 6 months after I leant car driving, using the same Tata Indigo Manza car, I have set 2 records in car driving in 2011 namely : Fastest South-North (Kanyakumari to Leh) car driving and Fastest South-North-South round trip (Kanyakumari to Leh to Kanyakumari).

Out of my passion for marathon Highway driving, I have successfully undertaken several Solo Marathon car driving expeditions namely, Belgaum to Bangalore (510 KM), Islampur to Bangalore (700 KM) 6 times, Hospete to Bangalore (320 KM) 36 times, Bangalore to Murudeshwar (500 KM) twice, etc.

I had also set a Solo Marathon Highway Scooter Driving (Bangalore – Pune -  Bangalore ) record in 1998.

I had set a Cycling record in 1982, when I was a 25 yrs old research scholar of IISc,  by undertaking ALL KARNATAKA SOLO CYCLING, covering 2850 Kms in just 25 ½  days, covering all the districts of Karnataka.  Last year I set the Longest Distance Solo Marathon Highway Cycling in a Single Day by A senior Citizen, travelling 160 Km in just 14 Hrs.

          I am  confident  that my present car driving record feat might inspire many senior citizens.

I wish to whole heartedly dedicate this record to my RESPECTFUL DRIVING GURU Mr. SHAIK MUSHTAQ SHAIK  SIKANDR  – an expert Automobile Mechanic and a teacher of Automobile Engineering at the MIT Technical School, Aurangabad, who taught me he nuances of Safe Highway Driving. I had an absolutely trouble free journey mainly because Mr. Mushtaq had personally serviced my car just before I undertook the marathon drive from Aurangabad. I achieved a fuel efficiency of 21 KM per Litre of Disel.

The record details will be officially announced at the press conference at the Bangalore press club on Thursday, 22 Feb, 2018 at 11 A.M. Shortly, the complete set of authentication documents will be sent to the Unique World Records, Assist World Records Research Fooundation, LIMCA Book of Records and India Book of Records

I am attaching herewith the record log-books and photographs,  for your kind perusal with a request to give suitable publicity through your esteemed media to inspire fellow Indians. For additional information or exclusive interviews you are welcome to visit my Tatanagar residence.

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