Published On: Fri, Oct 26th, 2018

The panelists at the panel discussion by HDFC ERGO during the Cyber Security Awareness Week 2

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The key points discussed at the launch were as follows –
1.       All metropolitan cities in India have seen a 100% growth in the number of cybercrimes every year
2.       In Karnataka, the two major types of cybercrimes witnessed are as follows:
a.       Banking frauds
b.       Misuse of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
3.       The awareness about cyber security is very low in India. 80% of cyber-attacks could be avoided if individuals were aware about this
4.       The Indian government is positive & helpful to support cybercrimes and complaints can be registered at a local police station or a special cybercrime police station. In addition, Individuals can launch complaints online on
5.       The internet was initially being used as a source of information. However, over the years, the internet has become unsafe because of e-commerce activities, sharing of personal information and online banking
6.       With the increase in individuals exposing themselves to the internet, there is an increase in cyber risks
7.       Individuals are increasingly using smart phones, however not all are well equipped to use one
8.       Individuals have become addicted to social media and are constantly sharing photographs and personal information over the internet. Anything that is uploaded on social media or shared by a smart device can be easily hacked
9.       Few tips shared by the panelists are as follows-
a.       One must not share their passwords or OTPs with anyone over the internet
b.       Individuals must be cautious about the information and pictures shared on social media
c.       Mobile applications should only be downloaded from authorized sources
d.       One must not click on unknown links or emails

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