Published On: Fri, Nov 16th, 2018

Hearing care at its best!

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Sivantos India Limited brings BestSound Center (BSC) to Indiranagar, Bengaluru


16th November, Bengaluru: Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age and must not be taken lightly. Research estimates that 6% of the population is suffering from some degree of hearing loss.

With this in mind Sivantos India Private Limited has launched its BestSound Centre – Aanvii Hearing Inc. in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. A BestSound Center (BSC) is an interpretation of the modern day hearing care which provides complete quality hearing care solutions for hearing loss. With Signia / Siemens Hearing Instruments you can be rest assured that you are hearing the best! One in three hearing aids fitted worldwide are manufactured by Sivantos.

Mr. Vishal Shah, CEO – Aanvii Group. ingurating BestSound Centre – Aanvii Hearing Inc. in Indiranagar,

Sivantos India Pvt. Ltd. is excited to introduce a quantum leap in sound quality and connectivity, to the people of Bengaluru. Enabling users to take even more control of their personal hearing experience,” said Mr. Avinash Pawar, CEO Sivantos India Pvt. Ltd. Under the aegis of The BestSound Centre we are constantly innovating new technological solutions and introducing advanced digital products which provide high quality listening experience to the user.”

 “This new hearing aid solution allows hearing health care professionals to better meet the modern user’s demanding schedule, strengthening their relationship with their patients” added Mr. Pawar.

Mr. Pawar also said “today BestSound Centre builds on this legacy of trust by introducing products that redefine expectations. Our complete portfolio means professionals have the flexibility to offer the industry’s most comprehensive rechargeable suite of hearing solutions to ensure the best possible care.”

Aanvii Hearing Inc. BestSound Center is dedicated to provide world class customer care to Signia / Siemens Hearing Instruments users. The BestSound Center represents an outlet that:

  • Exclusively promotes Signia / Siemens Hearing care products
  • Provides professional services for technologically advanced audiological solutions.
  • Utilizes advanced hearing technology
  • Is end-consumer friendly
  • Ensures quality and trust.
  • Signifies state-of-art BestSound Technology

“Aanvii Group is the largest BestSound retail chain in India with more than 27 operational stores across South & West India. Indiranagar center is the 28th retail store and the flag-ship store for Aanvii, a step forward to deliver innovative hearing solutions that solve even the most challenging situations. Aanvii Group is planning to expand the operations, penetrate Tier-II & III market and work towards increasing the awareness about hearing loss,” said Mr. Vishal Shah, CEO – Aanvii Group.

At BSC qualified technicians help further investigating the symptoms, causes, tests, treatments and prevention of hearing loss, making it is easier to understand how it impacts individuals differently. Common signs of hearing loss are, asking people to repeat their sentences, difficulty in understanding what people are trying to say, listening to television or radio at a higher volume, avoiding social situations due to the stress of being unable to communicate properly, exhaustion after attending social events and straining to hear for several hours etc.

Aanvi Hearing Inc, a BestSound Centre in Indiranagar, Bengaluru provides professional services like, Pure Tone Audiometry (Testing), BERA, OAE, Impedance, PTA, Hearing Aid Prescription, Trial, Programming, Servicing and Accessories etc. Visit them or Call 98868 22177 for appointment.

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