Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2019

FOGSI focus on full spectrum of womanhood, AICOG kicks off in city

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Bengaluru: FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecologcal Societies of India (FOGSI) renewed its pledge of its members to make women’s health better with continuity and fresh ideas as it unveiled details of the 62nd All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (AICOG) at a press meet on Tuesday (January 8, 2019).


The dignitaries present at the function held at Renaissance Race Course were Dr Jaideep Malhotra, president of FOGSI 2018, Dr Nanditha Palshetkar, president of FOGSI 2019, Dr Jaydeep Tank, secretary general of FOGSI, Dr Hema Divakar, organizing chairperson of AICOG 2019. The mega event began on Tuesday.

Introducing the FOGSI top brass and the AICOG Dr Hema said the conference will cover not only lifestyle issues of women but also other questions regarding women’s health in her all stages of life. She detailed the history and the tradition of FOGSI and the AICOG of focusing on a particular theme and how that theme has continuity of progress.   “More than 250 scientific sessions, 12 workshops, several keynote speakers will help equip participating members with latest technological advancements in our field. The tag line this year is ‘Women’s Health Nation’s Wealth’. Women’s health is not just about care during pregnancy, FOGSI is focusing on care across entire spectrum of womanhood, holistically,” said Dr Hema Divakar.   Speaking on the experience as president of FOGSI 2018, Dr Jaideep Malhotra said, “I look back with satisfaction on a hectic year of activities as the president of FOGSI in 2018 with the theme of ethics quality and dignity for an incredible experience in women’s healthcare. FOGSI is a big organization we are working for better health for women. Incredible mother is the holistic way of looking at a woman as a mother. HER for us is Health, empowerment and Respect for women.”   “We cannot take nation forward without taking women forward. This year we have worked on making doctor-patient relationship very healthy. FOGSI has taken up training of medical professional under Manyata and also formulated guidelines for doctors,” said Dr Malhotra about her regime.   Dr Jaydeep Tank thanked the FOGSI and BSOG for putting up such big event on a grand scale. He spoke about FOGSI’s primary role and as well its recent initiatives. It has recently lobbied on Oxytocin availability. FOGSI has been sensitive to many contemporary issues and will continue to take up these issues.   “FOGSI is a custodian of women’s health and our theme ‘We for Stree’ will look at the entire spectrum of womanhood and the conference will deliberate on forward,” declared incoming president FOGSI Dr Nanditha Palshetkar.

“FOGSI’s efforts have contributed significantly in raising awareness. The MMR rate has come down from 254 to 130 per year in 10 years and FOGSI has an important role to play in this. There is a need to educate women about various aspects like contraceptives, high risk pregnancies and abortions with focused programmes,” said Dr Nanditha setting her agenda. There is also a need to skill women and increase their contribution in global healthcare sector. Many times, the work of women also goes unrecognized, the FOGSI president for 2019 said.

A brochure and guide to AICOG 2019 was released by FOGSI 2018 president Dr Jaideep Malhotra, AICOG 2019 organising committee chairperson Dr Hema Divakar and FOGSI 2019 president Dr Nanditha Palshetkar on Tuesday

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