Published On: Sat, May 11th, 2019

Cutting Edge 2019 focus on personalized woman’s health and exciting aesthetic surgery

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Bengaluru: Conception is essential for emergence of new life and Mother’s Day signifies that sentiment. Cutting Edge 2019 Conference began today (Saturday) in Bengaluru with women as central focus. Mother’s Day is also about women’s pride and the conference is also discussing on aesthetic surgeries like vaginal rejuvenation.

Team ARTIST, under the leadership of Dr Hema Divakar, is holding the conference that will focus on women’s health, infertility and endoscopy.  Dr Hema said in her opening remarks that “it is amazing to see how we as obgyn are challenged from basic requirements of bringing down the maternal mortality to the complex luxuries of aesthetic surgery.”

Healthcare is increasingly becoming personalized patient-centric and a Cutting Edge is a meeting of minds on personalized woman’s health programme regime is happening. Apart from infertility treatments and advances the conference will throw light on reconstruction and rejuvenation.

The recognition by the girls and women themselves that the options are available, and the expertise is at their doorstep will make a difference in how this branch of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery will position itself in countries like India. The rapid growth of this is likely to be because of information spreading across the globe through digital platforms.

Dr Hema Divakar said “we are dealing with a spectrum of problems in women’s health care to cater to the need of the girls and women rather than being judgemental on the need for surgeries like vaginal rejuvenation.  It is the question of offering a choice to the empowered girls and women, let them make the decision.”

Post lunch session at the conference today saw a host experts grapple with issues of male infertility, the need of correct evaluation for better treatment method and WHO’s Parameters on Semen Analysis which forms the foundation for deciding the correct treatment strategy.

The central theme was decline in male fertility, its various causes and the framework for required treatment. Obesity and lifestyle emerged as main culprits in the decline of quality of sperms. Obesity has taken toll of potency and in turn is affecting chances of pregnancy. Doctors advised against obesity and sought changes in lifestyle if young couple want to start a family and give birth to healthy children.

 The session also spoke on home testing of sperm quality, insemination and its practicality in the Indian context.

Women today make up 49.6% of the total population of the world and the Cutting Edge Congress rightly pays tribute to them on Mother’s Day by virtue of creating a more evolved Healthcare Professionals through their initiatives.

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