Published On: Sat, May 25th, 2019

Modi wave finds ground in Telangana

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In Telangana, riding on Modi wave 2.0 the BJP has found a base ground by winning four MP seats which were otherwise TRS havens, compared to one seat won in 2014.


The Telangana State BJP leadership did not leave a single stone unturned during the campaign phase. Techno-entrepreneur and senior state BJP leader Gajjalla Yoganand founded ‘Modi Army’ and initiated a citizens’ movement called “Telangana For Modi”, strategized and implemented by a Bengaluru headquartered consulting firm MJSPR specializing in political campaigning, led by Strategist and Founder CEO MJ Srikant.


The movement was conceived on multiple objectives with a primary focus on sensitizing the public on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reforms, schemes and policies transforming India over the last 5 years and galvanize support from across societal sects.” said MJ Srikant, the architect of the campaign.


The movement was predominantly mobilized through a digital framework constituting 21 social media handles and an exclusive website. While social media handles proliferated facts and funneled audience reach & engagement, the website harnessed volunteers and supporters for Modi Army and various public events that were organized as a part of the Telangana For Modi citizens’ movement.

“Telangana for Modi online campaigns were able to raise a huge response, in the virtual world and in real world attracting the attention of people from myriad walks of life because of its apolitical look at Modi’s development agenda. Under 60 days the campaigns achieved a total reach of close to 4.2 million.  added Srikant.

Responding to the rise in vote share for BJP in Telangana, Yoganand said “I am overwhelmed by the response of people and their awareness about Prime Minister Modi’s development agenda. I would like to thank BJP state president Dr. K Laxman for having given the strategic freedom and support to conceive and drive the movement. We are happy the campaign was of support to the candidates and they were able to leverage from it.”

During the campaign phase, Telangana For Modi team organized numerous public engagement events including a ‘Professionals Meet’ and marathon named ‘Run For Nation, Run For Modi’ which also turned out to be a public engagement window for the candidates of 4 constituencies in Hyderabad.  These events also saw active participation from some of the BJP Senior leaders including Nirmala Sitharaman.  Addressing the ‘Professionals Meet’ in March at Hyderabad, the Union Defense Minister had stated “Telangana For Modi campaign is invigorating for those of us involved in campaigning at the ground level.”

BJP in Telangana is now set to march ahead with confidence and gain wide foothold going forward as these wins allow the respective candidates to put up an excellent performance in their capacity as an MP.

“Thank you, Telangana. Thank You Hyderabad” said, Yoganand.

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