Published On: Thu, Jun 20th, 2019

MVJ offers specialized courses in Robotics and Industrial Automation

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Bangalore June 18, 2019: MVJ College of engineering is offering specialized courses in Robotics and Industrial Automation. This Laboratory of Robotics and Industrial Automation was established in the year 2016. The lab is well equipped with all the advanced tools like 3D Printers, PCB Printers, and Pneumatic Machines etc to cater the needs of the students to execute their innovative ideas. The aim of this lab is to educate the undergraduate and post- graduate students in the field of robotics to provide a technically advanced platform to complete their projects.

Industry level trainings are also being part of the laboratory exercise to the students in different levels. The research activity in this lab focuses on a new generation mechatronics systems, smart sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

 The recent explosion of communication capabilities, coupled with ongoing an advance which has accelerated the pace of implementing the truly distributed embedded systems, is alluring the students to spend more time in this laboratory.


Students who have been actively engaged in this laboratory have made remarkable achievements by competing with top rated universities and institutions in the country. Braille Pad, Smart Helmet, 3D printer, e-MAD drone, bBook are a few projects that got more appreciation among the technical expert communities.

In the last academic year, the students have achieved more than 20 prizes in Robotic Competitions. The training offered to the students in this laboratory is the basis for the exemplary performances of the students in MVJCE.

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