Published On: Sat, Aug 3rd, 2019

TalentNomics India and Tie Delhi-NCR hosted “Talent Agility 2025” conference in New Delhi

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Prominent industry leaders exchanged ideas on the impact of changing nature of technology, ideologies, geopolitics on the employment patterns and skills

New Delhi, February 15, 2019: TiE Delhi-NCR, one of the most vibrant chapters within the global TiE network, recently partnered with TalentNomics India to organize a conference in New Delhi titled “Leading a world where uncertainty is the only certainty: Talent Agility 2025”. Hosted yesterday, the conclave focused on the need for qualified and competent leadership in today’s rapidly changing world, with a special emphasis on women leaders.

The conference brought together more than 150 change-drivers, students, and aspiring leaders from urban and rural sectors on a common platform to talk about mission-critical issues that can leverage the principle of “change” for inclusive progress. These included discussions on the future job prospects for all, especially women; key leadership skills, competencies, and traits driving success in a world of uncertainties; and building a gender-balanced pipeline of successful leaders of tomorrow. Several prominent industry names attended the event, including Debjani Ghosh (President – NASSCOM), Oona Stock (CHRO – CDPQ), Dilip Chenoy (Secretary General – FICCI), Manish Kumar, CEO, NSDC, Anil Padmanabhan (Managing Editor – Mint), Archana Hingorani (Founder – Siana Capital), and Reema Nanavaty (Head – Self Employed Women’s Association).

Debjani Ghosh, President – NASSCOM during her speech at the conference

Speaking about the conference, Geetika Dayal, Executive Director – TiE Delhi-NCR, said, “Change is inevitable, which makes it all the more necessary to cultivate leaders for tomorrow. These leaders will not only be able to adapt to any unpredictable circumstance, but also drive positive changes for the overall benefit of everyone around them. It is for this reason that we are proud to associate with TalentNomics for this conference. We believe that by providing the leaders of today with a platform to inspire the leaders of tomorrow, we are bringing a positive change in the world.”

Speaking on the need of female leaders, Ipsita Kathuria, Founder & CEO, TalentNomics said, “We are delighted to have provided this platform to change-drivers and initiative-takers so that they could make their voices heard. It is no secret that gender-based biases still exist in the world today but it is heartening to observe that times are a-changing with more and more male leaders coming to the fore to support women. Also, while patriarchal social structures inhibit educated and qualified women from getting enough resources to rise higher in the leadership domain, people in powerful positions are extending a helping hand to help them break the shackles of patriarchy to create their own paths and redefining the meaning of success. We need more such people. I hope this drive never dies.”

A major talking point at the Talent Agility 2025 conference was the impact of changing nature of technology, ideologies, geopolitics on the employment patterns and skills required by both male and female human resources. In addition to being the catalyst driving large-scale transformations, technology is also propelling the world towards a state of discontent ranging from geopolitical unrest and climate change to refugee crises and threatened unemployment patterns. Through engaging panel discussions and keynote speeches, the event addressed questions about how emerging business leaders can adapt, adopt, unlearn, and learn to shape a progressive future for all. Speakers maintained that in a world where uncertainty is the only certainty, future leaders must learn to make peace with displacements and disruptions, identifying and tapping into the potential that changing circumstances inherently carry along with them.

Speaking on the role of leaders in the wake of worldwide disruptions, Debjani GhoshPresident – NASSCOM, said, “One of the key traits that all leaders must inculcate today is the ability to be flexible. When a new regulation comes in or disruption occurs, the ability deal with changing circumstances expertly, with flexibility, is what makes a good leader stand apart from the rest.”

She added, “Today, there is no space for ego in the world. As a leader you must always be open to learning from anybody and everybody, even from the people you hire under you. This essential technique of learning from your juniors instead of imposing your authority on them is called reverse mentoring. To do this, all leaders must learn to be comfortable in their discomfort.”

Through this conference, TalentNomics India and TiE Delhi-NCR provided India’s finest minds a space to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange insights, and cross-examine ideas that can make the future business landscape into a beautiful, compelling, and satisfactory reality for both men and women. At the end of the conference, each participant left with a better socio-economic understanding of the world and an appreciation of their role in values like agility, adaptability, and other key traits that are becoming of successful leaders. The conclave also served as an opportunity for leaders of tomorrow to connect with the various domain leaders of today.

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