Published On: Fri, Sep 20th, 2019

India’s first Centre Motor E-Cycle now in Bangalore: Hero Cycles Partners Yamaha Motor to Launch E-Cycle EHX20

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  • Lectro EHX20 Powered by Yamaha is a high performance E-Cycle aimed at giving an adrenaline rush to adventure cyclists and affluent cyclists
  • The premium product combines cutting edge Yamaha’s motor technology and Hero Lectro’s design marvel
  • Lectro EHX20 is the first Center Motor E-Cycle in Indiafor superior performance


Bangalore, 18thSeptember 2019:India’s leading Cycle manufacturer Hero Cycles has partnered Japan’s Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd to launch ‘Lectro E-Cyclepowered by Yamaha’, India’s first Center Motor E-Cycle that promises to revolutionize the adventure e-bicycling experience landscape in India. The high performance E-Cycle powered by Yamahais a path-breaking addition to Hero Cycles’ popular E-Cycle range – Lectro.

The product was launched today in Bangalore where it is expected to find resonance among the growing community of recreational and adventure cyclists.

The premium product is the first outcome of the three-way strategic partnership initiated last year between Hero Cycles Ltd, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. The alliance, brought together by Mitsui & Co., Ltd.,is aimed at creating technologically superior high performance products through collaboration between Hero Cycles’and Yamaha Motor’s electric drive units, with go-to-market sales, distribution & marketing support by Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

The product is aimed at the small yet growing community of adventure lovers and mountain cyclists who love pushing the limits of performance. People looking for experiential adventures on the Cyclewill also find Lectro EHX20 Powered by Yamaha a refreshing and rejuvenating E-Cycle to ride on.

“Lectro EHX20 powered by Yamaha is the first collaborative product between Hero Cycles and Yamaha Motor, and we hope to deliver more such path-breaking products for the Indian consumer. Lectro EHX20 is the first branded E-Cycle which is driven by a Center Motor. This gives it a superior edge and a high performance experience suitable forextreme adventure sports. For adventure cyclists in India, Lectro EHX20 promises to offer an experience like never before. With Electric Vehicles receiving a huge policy push from the government, the market for e cycles is also expected to grow over the next few years,” said Mr Aditya Munjal, Director of Firefox Cycles Limited and Hexi.

All the E-Cycles currently available in the Indian market operate on rear hub motors used mostly for commuting on flat surfaces such as city commuting. However, Lectro EHX20powered by Yamaha comes with a Center Motor positioned directly between the pedals. This positioning and technology improves performance of the Cycle immensely and makes it suitable for adventure sports and steep incline riding. While the motor was imported from Yamaha’s electric drive unit, the E-Cycle was manufactured at Hero Cycles’ Ghaziabad unit.

“Lectro EHX20 powered by Yamaha is a first of its kind product to be introduced in India. The electric vehicle segment / E-Cyclein India has received a major push from the government in recent times and the market seems poised for unprecedented growth. It is imperative therefore that manufacturers offer a wide range of products in the E-Cycle segment suitable for the needs of different sections of the audience. Center motor system has big advantage for designing sports E-Cycle, ideally bringing the center of gravity to the middle low point of the frame. The main feature of Yamaha Center Motor System is the “Zero-Cadence” concept, which enables rider to feel strong assist from the very beginning of pedaling. And this concept is based on Yamaha’s “Be one with the machine” philosophy which means ultimate harmonization of human and bicycle. We are very happy to work in collaboration with Hero Cycles to contribute towards revolutionizing the E-Cycle segment in Indian market, taking advantage of Yamaha’s experience and know-how of the Center Motor drive unit,” saidHiroyuki Ota, Executive Officer,Yamaha Motor Co Ltd.

Lectro EHX20is Centre Motor powered Pedal Assist Cycle which runs on a combination of manual pedaling with battery assist.While climbing steep inclines or riding on flat surfaces, the product promises the trust of Hero and the performance of Yamaha delivering a consistent output making it overall – a very reliable product.

Powered by a triple sensor technology of torque sensor, speed sensor and crank sensor, the E-Cycle gives a sharp pedaling response/ assist and improved power support at higher cadence. A strong braking system adds to its safety and control. The E-Cycle can run up to 60-70 kms on a charge time of 3.5 hours.

 About HMC

The HMC Group with a $ 1.2 bn asset base and over 7,500 people across the globe comprises of the Cycle giant Hero Cycles, Auto parts manufacturing companies – Hero Motors, ZF Hero Chassis Systems Pvt. Ltd, and Munjal Kiriu Industries Pvt. Ltd, hospitality arm Munjal Hospitality and luxury home décor products company Oma Living.

Incorporated in 1956, Hero Cycles Limited is the largest cycle manufacturer in the world. The company has a manufacturing capacity of 7.5 million Cycles per year, with its unit in Ludhiana (Punjab), Bihta (Bihar) & Ghaziabad (UP). The company has a highly integrated plant in Ludhiana Ghaziabad (UP) and Bihta (Bihar) and a state of art manufacturing facility is Sri Lanka as well. The Ghaziabad facility also manufactures automotive rims and various other auto components for global automotive giants. In addition to the aforesaid the group also owns UK-based Avocet Sports and FireFox Cycles in India. While Avocet Sports was Hero Cycles’ first overseas acquisition and marked the company’s entry into mass segment of European Cycle market, the acquisition of Firefox Cycles was a strategic move to cement its position in the fast-growing premium bicycling segment in India.

Hero Cycles is a leader in both the standard and special Cycle segments in India, with an overall market share of about 39 per cent. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and the most modern machinery. A nation-wide distribution network with over 3000 dealers and the favorable location of its plants near vendors support its operations and facilitate competitive pricing of its Cycles. Hero Cycles also exports to various countries in Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd is a world-leading producer of motorcycles, marine products, power products,industrial robots, and electrically power assisted bicycle, etc. The company’s diverse business and wide variety of products are built around its proprietary technologies focused on small engines, chassis & hull, electronic control and robotics.

Yamaha is the company who launched the world 1st electrically power assisted bicycle in 1993.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is one of the most diversified and comprehensive trading, investment and service enterprises in the world, with 139 offices in 66 countries as of Apr, 2019.Utilizing our global operating locations, network and information resources, we are multilaterally pursuing business that ranges from product sales, worldwide logistics and financing, through to the development of major international infrastructure and other projects in diversified fields. Mitsui is actively taking on challenges for global business innovation around the world.

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