Published On: Sat, Jan 25th, 2020

Launch of Coffee Table Book Tana Bana-The World of Sarees

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  • Tana Bana-The World of Sarees authored by Author, Sowmya Reddy Shamanna


Bengaluru, 25thJanuary 2020:‘Tana Bana’The World of Sarees, a Coffee Table Book was launched today in Bengaluru authored by Mrs.Sowmya Reddy Shamanna. Mrs.Sowmya is anavid handloom enthusiast, who is residing in Germany for decades, she took up the mantle of writing a book on sarees while the Indian Consulate in Frankfurt were putting together to highlight the 150th anniversary of Gandhiji with something meaningful and relevant. The coffee table book is a celebration of the various saree weaves and embroideries prevalent in India.

Tana Bana – the world of sarees is a coffee table book, is intriguing, comprehensive, appealing to the millennials and adults alike and relevant to today’s times.

Author Sowmya Reddy Shamanna “I believe in celebrating and imbuing the saree with meaning and purpose. It is important that we instil a sense of pride in our youngsters that they see the saree as a sartorial choice of clothing. It is we, who have to up live our saree, reimagine the saree with all its glory of beauty, versatility and strength.  Sarees represent the vital spirit of India, the cultural heritage, the variety and the memories of the nation.  It also symbolises a common identity which subsumes the incredible melange of designs and motifs, displaying the magic of being a seamless length of social fabric that takes on the individual character of its wearer”.

(L-R) Book was launched by Shiva Kumar Shamanna,Sowmya Reddy Shamanna and Mr.Venkatesh Narasimhan,MD of Co-optex

Reviewing the book, Mrs Vijayalaxmi Chhabra, the former Director General, Doordarshan says “Tana Bana is a beautiful initiation into the world of Six Yards, our unstitched garment. Sowmya has done a fabulous job to explain many popular weaves in a simple and uncomplicated manner. I can assure you once you walk into this world, you won’t stop exploring the rich textile heritage of India. I will remember the stunning pictures in the book for a long long time”.

This book is a portrayal of traditional and contemporary sarees from the different regions of India like the stunning kanjeevarams, the intricate ikats, the rustling ornate banarasis, the vibrant bandhanis, the precious patolas and many more. Every saree in the book, is an unspoken representation of the place and people who wove the masterpiece, the dyes and the motifs, aesthetics and distinctiveness that is exclusive to each of them.

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