Published On: Tue, Feb 25th, 2020

Innoberator’s session on “Business of Relationship” to assist start-ups

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Entrepreneurs running relationship ventures and start-ups in the domain will share their challenges and seek expert guidance

Bengaluru: Bengaluru-based Innoberator has planned its next much-awaited monthly Pitchtune session on the theme ‘Business of Relationship’ on February 28, 2020, at WeWork Galaxy for the benefit of budding entrepreneurs, who are keen on launching start-ups with innovative products and services.

Start-ups are often faced with challenges such as finance, hiring suitable candidates, competition, winning the trust of customers and how to stay relevant with changing dynamics in the industry. The Pitchtune session will provide a platform for start-ups to pitch their business/ideas before a panel of experts, successful entrepreneurs & investors, who will analyze the pitches made and guide them accordingly.


Ventures participating in this event will be from the space of marriage, dating, destination wedding firms and entrepreneurs, who are running associated business such as wedding photography, businesses and individuals.

Well-known Political Strategist, PR Guru, CEO & Founder of MJSPR, Mr. MJ Srikant will be the guest speaker and will be mentoring the start-ups at the event.Entrepreneurs running relationship ventures (online and offline) currently or in the past will share the challenges faced by them, and how they handled them and what remains a challenge in their area of operation.  Experts will also guide them on the opportunities they have.

Innoberator has been organisng this event for the last two years at IIM Bangalore. The monthly programme is primarily aimed at helping early-stage entrepreneurs, where the failure rate is high.  “The idea behind this initiative is to see if can we do things that help them in real life – as to where they stand, what are the things that go wrong and if we can point them in the right direction, particularly in the bootstrapped way,” said Nanjunda Pratap Palecanda, Partner at Innoberator.

Though there is abundant money available, the funding mechanism is not as transparent as it should be. Also, the funding sources that are available are largely controlled by people coming the from finance background,who are not entrepreneurs. “So, it’s important that start-ups approach it from a bootstrapped manner rather than just getting funded because the ecosystem is not that healthy even though there are many unicorns in India. Entrepreneurs need to be helped with how to start bootstrapped ventures. That is where our focus and approach has been,”MJ Srikant pointed out.

The experts’ panel, who are mainly story tellers, will review the start-ups, who will mostly be from the relationship space, in the perspective of what their business model is in general. “Generally, people look for funding, but very rarely somebody is ready to be funded. This is where our review comes. Part of the team will also be reviewing start-ups who have already been in the business, have raised money etc. Primarily, we don’t promise any funding at the event. We will mainly focus on their approach towards the business, reviewing the rights and wrongs etc.,” added Nanjunda Pratap Palacenda.

Innoberator works with early stage ventures and investors in helping ventures to develop business models that create value for all the stake holders.

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