Published On: Fri, Oct 9th, 2020

Doctors raised money through crowd-funding to perform a Complex Liver Transplant

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The team of doctors from BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital raised money on Ketto to give a new lease of life to their patient


Bangalore, October 9th, 2020: BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Kengeri, a pioneer of transplants, successfully performed a complex Liver transplant on a 26 year old patient, suffering from decompensated cirrhosis of the liver. His condition was deteriorating rapidly, by the time he arrived at the hospital. Harish’s mother lost her elder son a few years back due to the same disease and could not treat him due to their financial constrain. They were facing the same problem and were on the verge of losing their second son. As Harish’s condition was getting critical and further delay would have cost his life, the team of doctors raised money through crowd funding and made the surgery possible at the right time. The team of experts including Dr Venugopal B Pillai, Dr Sunil Shenvi, Dr Kutappa, Dr Adarsh CK, Dr Karan Kumar and the team of Transplant Surgeons, Transplant Anaesthetists & Intensivists and Hepatologists made this surgery successful and gave a new lease of life to him.

After experiencing some health discomfort, Mr Harish a 26 year old bank employee, presented to the doctor from BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital in a critical condition during last week of April 2020. To understand his actual condition doctors performed tests which indicated that he is suffering from end stage liver disease due to Wilson’s disease similar to his elder brother who had expired previously. After analyzing the situation, the team of doctors decided to perform the transplant, but the patient’s family was not financially sound to pay for the surgery. To avoid further delay, the team of doctors decided to raise money for the surgery and posted on ketto to spread awareness about the critical case and requested for financial support.

Dr Sunil Shenvi, Consultant, Multi-organ Transplant, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, said, “When Harish came to us for the treatment, he was in a very critical condition. The patients family were facing financial constrains which caused delay in treating him. After seeing the plight of the family, our team approached the social media for crowd-funding to avoid further delay as Harish’s condition was deteriorating.”

“Crowd-funding is a good alternative method to raise money and provide financial aid to people like Harish and his family who are financially underprivileged.”


In the meantime, the doctors learned that Harish’s mother was a perfect match for liver donation. To rule out any health problems during the surgery, doctors evaluated her health condition. Once it was declared suitable for transplant, the doctors prepared the team for an immediate surgery as the patient’s condition was critical.

Within a few days of posting the request on Ketto, many well-wishers stepped forward and supported the family. The surgery was performed by the team of experts in first week of June 2020 which lasted for 17 hours and brought the patient back to life.

Dr A M Kuttappa, HOD, Liver Transplant Anaesthesiawho also serves as Director, Medical Services, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital said, Surgery was planned and executed meticulously, so that they could rule out any complications and risks during the transplant. Performing a surgery during COVID times are quite challenging for the patient, donor, doctors and the staffs who are involved in the surgery. However, everything was well planned and executed with utmost care.”

Post the surgery; doctors performed a final histopathology report of the liver which confirmed Wilson disease which is related to inborn errors of metabolism of copper. It’s a congenital disease which is cured by liver transplant.

Post conducting the surgery, the patient was given post-op care in Transplant ICU, followed by nutritional management and best physiotherapy care. Harish responded well to all the medicines and therapies and recovered faster than expected.


Dr Venugopal B Pillai, HOD and Senior Consultant, Liver Transplant, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, said, “Today Liver Transplant is considered as an ultimate solution to end stage liver disease and guarantees improved quality of life. However, in the current scenario patients who have undergone surgery should be more careful as they are susceptible to be infected by COVID-19. It is essential for the patients to be constantly in touch with their consulting physician after the surgery via tele or video consultation and follow their instructions. This will minimize risks and will recover in the estimated time.

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