Published On: Wed, Oct 14th, 2020

Mask your face in Style

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Some call it a necessity, others a fashion statement. It is a bit of both at this juncture to have masks of different colours and prints to match our day to day outfits. Not to mention, designers have turned to this accessory as a necessity to include in their business plan to generate sales in these trying times. Some of course are focussing on more functional masks while others designing more luxurious, one-of-a-kind ones.

A short workshop on mask making was conducted for students of Lisaa School of Design where they attempted to include some hand embroidery using few basic stitches to make it a designer mask as opposed to the commercially available ones.

“Students at LISAA were taught to design and construct their very own designer masks in the midst of this global crisis. We are equipping our students to not only take precautions in these times but to do so in style. Students created their own designer masks and added some interesting hand embroidery to create aesthetic and one-of-a-kind masks,”says Elizabeth John, Coordinator & Lecturer of Fashion Design at Lisaa School of Design

Srishti Munoth a student of fashion design explains, “The Mask I make is100% Cotton + 100% cotton Woven Filter. It has 2 layers for filtration : The First layer which is soft woven fabric for moisture control and comfort and it’s handmade bandhani pattern gives an elegant and stylish look. And the Second, Woven cotton Filter which is for finer filtration of first level of coarse particles. The usage of round and soft ear-loops provides additional comfort. The perfect fit controls unfiltered airflow and provides enough room to breathe comfortably.”

Juhi Gupta another student of fashion design “The number and size of particles in air were measured before and after passing through the fabric. Layer of cotton showed the highest filtration efficiency approximately of 97% so ,i used yellow cotton fabric as its a breathable material. If we talk about the colour : light colour is always top choice for hot weather.
For ear loops i used black old t- shirt it has bit stretchability and soft so it won’t hurt the ear. And on top of it I sketched corona virus with marker and decorated with stones n beads to give a casual look. The mask is in Bracket Shape which is lengthwise longer in middle so it cover the nose till chin and smaller at side approximately of the length of ear”.

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